Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Porter Heights Ski Trip

Porter Heights Ski Trip

By Caitlyn Norriss

On the 5th of September the year 7 & 8’s went to Porter Heights for a fantastic ski & snowboarding trip! The kids were split up into different level groups starting from beginner level (level 1) going through to level 6 being the most experienced.

On the mountain there were 3 main slopes the beginner slope, advanced slope, and experienced slope, each level went on their own slope based on how good they were. In lessons there were the instructors teaching each level what they can do next and the lessons were right at your level. Each lesson was an hour and a half and very enjoyable to learn. After the hour and a half of learning we had a lunch break and then had free time focusing on our skills and trying to extend your knowledge on the slopes, pommer and the rest of the mountain.

Thanks to our parent helpers, parents for helping us pay for the trip, teachers and instructors, this trip couldn't of been possible without you.

Thank you so much!

Kids for kids

Kids For Kids
By Shayna Early

Kids for Kids is a concert for primary school kids  where they can sing with Jackie Clark and Nathan King. Since 1995 World Vision have organized this concert, so the children of NZ can raise their voices for children less fortunate than them.

These kids aren't Taylor Swift and Adele but there is nothing better than hearing kiwi kids coming together for hungry and thirsty children in Africa.

This year there are about 20 performances in total all over the country (for more details go to the bottom  of the page). This is a fun event for all and  and other kids/parents/anyone are able to buy tickets and go along to these amazing concerts.
These kids have been practising for a long time and the singing has been getting better and better.

World Vision is all about helping less fortunate kids in places like Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan and Somalia. World Vision is always looking for donations to make these kids lives better. To donate or to sponsor a child go to the World Vision website below.

Christchurch Concert - 20/9/17 Horncastle Arena Christchurch

Monday, 11 September 2017

Yarrs Flat Trip

Yarrs Flat Trip
On Tuesday the fifth of September syndicate three my year group went on a trip to Yarrs Flat. The classroom was filled with students that couldn't keep still. At nine thirty we jumped on the bus and zoomed down to Yarrs Flat. As soon as we got there the leaders introduced themselves and the other staff. Matt the leader got us to our first rotation Mr Newton’s group had invertebrate hunt.

Invertebrate hunt was led by Mike. When we arrived he showed us some of the bugs he caught in display trays. After that he showed us a weta, he let students hold and touch it if we were brave enough.We also got to go and hunt for bugs. using his nets one of us found scorpion Mike was probably impressed. We also found woodlice, spiders, slugs and snails

Then we had some morning tea and went on to the next activity. Our group's activity was aquatic discovery. Aquatic discovery was led by Bailey and Stacy. The first thing they showed us was the shuffle test, where you sway your net in the water from side to side then you kick your leg in front of the net after that you bring it out of the water and see what you have caught. We also had to look in trays for different types of creatures like the the blood worm,Cocka bullies and snails.

Then we had planting the main part of going to Yarrs Flat led by Lou. we planted flax, cabbage trees and ribbon wood. We used tools like spades and mallets we also used sheep dags, steaks, plastic covers and fertiliser pallets. First you had to dig a hole to place your plant inside and put the fertilizer pellet in. Then you berry the bottom half of the plant and pop the sheep dags over,  then you put up the plastic cover around the plant so no animal could kill the plant and then you are done ! Did you know that Syndicate three planted 450 trees !

Our last activity was wave barrier building led by Matt, we had to make a wave barrier that will stop the waves coming so on the other side of it there would be no waves and the water weed would grow again. We had to make it out of sticks and string. We made a design with heaps of little squares in the middle so the waves would stop. Then Matt tested out all the designs and lots of them including our teams worked.

                                                 By Ella M

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Kapa haka performance

Kapa haka performance
On the 15th of August 2017 there was a cultural festival at  
Horncastle Arena involving schools from around Canterbury. Lincoln Primary’s kapa haka group participated in this event.  In their performance they sang Ma Te Kahukura & the haka ‘Maraka! Maraka!’

They did a great job on representing our school. The three main girls singing were very expressive and it must've taken heaps of courage to perform in front of a huge crowd!

Here is a link to the performance to see how amazing they were:
Here are some of the displays

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Ukulele strum strike blow.

Ukulele strum strike blow.

By Brooklyn Rycroft

On Wednesday the 2nd of August a group of students ranging from year 5 - 8 performed at the Strum Strike and Blow festival at Horncastle Arena playing ukulele. There were 32 other schools performing on the night with almost over 1000 students performing in total along with a packed audience.

There were students playing the recorder, marimbas, drums and ukuleles. Their performance was incredible and towards the end the winning group from the Naked Choir; Voices co went on stage and did an outstanding performance singing Sia - the greatest. The students had been practicing every week for the past term, lead by Miss Cruse.

Thursday, 22 June 2017


We are the LPS Energy Detectives. At lunch time we go round the classrooms to check who turns their lights off. We want all the classroom lights to be off at play breaks to save money and energy. Our job is to keep a tally of who has left lights on or off. At each assembly we will be handing out the shield and a certificate to the winning classroom.the first winner is team 3

this is the shield and certificate.

LPS Community Group

At Lincoln Primary School, each Friday a community action group comes together and brainstorms ways that they can help the community and help Lincoln to be a better place. They have already come up with some awesome ideas, including making some compliment cards to give to people in the community and going to the kindergarten.

The compliment cards had lovely messages like ‘Your smile is contagious’, ‘you smell like roses’ and ‘you are a smart cookie’ they had to give them to someone they didn't know to make them feel special.

A couple of weeks ago the community action group visited the kindergarten to read them stories. The kids really loved it, it was a whole lot of fun. The community group is an excellent idea and hopefully it will help to make Lincoln a better place.

We asked some of the community action group about their favourite part of the kindergarten visit. Owen said he loves helping the school and making creations and at the kindergarten. He really enjoyed being around and interacting with all the younger kids. Claudia said her favourite part of the visit was seeing all the little kids because it brought memories back from when she went to kindergarten. The community action teachers think it was a huge success and everyone loved it.