Friday, 24 February 2017

The Awesome Sausage Sizzle

The Awesome Sausage Sizzle

By Fran

At Lincoln primary school, we have been fundraising to raise money for choir, jump jam and other groups at the school. Today the year 8s and some parents ran a sausage sizzle.
The children got the sausage sizzle notices the week before. The sausages on offer were vegetarian, gluten free, and regular. There were also Juicies and Moosies being sold. After school the children ran out of their classrooms with a cheerful smile on their faces.

This Friday all the children got to school early so that they could get their orders written down on their hands. I ordered 1 sausage and 1 Moosie.

Time went fast and before you knew it, it was lunch time. As the lunch bell rang everyone rushed out of their classrooms so that they could be first in line to get a sausage.

Here are some photos

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