Thursday, 2 March 2017

Beach Education Trip

On Wednesday the 15th of February the yr5/6 students went on a trip to the South New Brighton beach. Our class had to get up and get to school at 8:20 and we had to leave school and go on the long bus ride at 8:30. When we got there we went up to a big room and our class learnt all about safety it was really fun. Next our class had morning tea and I had a very nice double chocolate muffin.

After morning tea our class learnt how to be sun smart and so our class learnt what to do when the sun is up in the sky. First we learnt the saying slip,slop,slap,wrap and that means u slip on a t-shirt and slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat and last of all u wrap on a pair of shades. After we did the play we had lunch and that was also fun.

After lunch before we go in the sea we go over all of the rules about rips and what rips are and they said that a rip is a flat part of a sea in between of 2 waves in the sea.They also said that a rip takes u out to the last wave on the beach so if there isn't much waves then you will be fine when it takes u out. If there is lots of waves and they’re far back from the sand, then u might be in trouble.

After that we went in the sea and went onto a boogie board and caught the waves but it was safe because all the adults were in the water with us and made a barrier around where we could go. After that we went back onto the bus and had the long ride back to school.

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