Thursday, 9 March 2017

House Meeting - Looking Further Foward

On the 3rd of March 2017 the first house meeting of the year was held. House leaders from kowhai, Rimu, Matai and Totara organised this event. The first house leader meeting was a success. The new house leaders were confident in the situation and were able to create new chants. That is new chants for a new year. The students were all collaborating in a group of mixed ages to work together to create a chant. The chant is a simple catchy poem that the students use in events to cheer on and support their house. Most the houses are ready to present their chant to the school.

Looking forward further in the year the leaders want to do more activities and arrange more opportunities competitive or not. Planning to make a fun year is what our awesome leaders are aiming for. Along with that end of term awards are going to be arranged for the winning house along with the shield at the end of each year as a reward.

This year the leaders want to get students more involved with the school, in leadership and community wise. They are wanting to also convince students to begin to get more involved with house points and more things to do with our houses, as it's a simple and fun way to earn a rewards or get involved with activities. We all believe this will be something exciting and fun for Lincoln primary and bring some great results. Further on this year there will be many new changes happening in the school like construction and events held at Lincoln primary and we all can't wait!

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