Saturday, 25 March 2017

The cricket carnival

On Thursday the 23rd of March, Syndicate 3 had the opportunity to compete in the cricket carnival at Brookside Park. This year we were determined to win.

On the day, everyone got to school early. Most people had zones shirts but I didn't have one because I wasn't at school the previous day. Before school started we had lots of fun playing dodgeball. Then the bell rang and we were about to go when Miss T (the sports teacher) found a spare zones shirt. It was too big for me but I wore it anyway. Then we were split into 3 teams. My team was called the Lincoln Wizards.
When we got to Brookside Park we took our bags off the bus and walked over to find a place to set up our blue mat.
We didn't have much time before the first cricket game started so we sat on the blue mat. We were told not to put our feet on it but most of us did anyway!
The first game started and we were fielding first. We all rushed onto the field and everyone wanted to bowl first. We were all spread out evenly around the field. The team we were playing against was the Tai Tapu Spinners. The game started and our team was excited. The positions rotated and soon it was my turn to bowl. My bowls were pretty good but they weren't that accurate. Wicket keeping was fun as well but bowling was everyone's favourite.

By halftime we had started pretty well.
Now we were batting I was batting first with Peter. I love batting because you get to hit the ball really far and it's exciting when the ball comes near you. Unfortunately in the end we lost.

After the game we had morning tea. There were two more games to go. We had to move all our stuff to other areas for the next games. Our team was now playing against the Lincoln Bears and at the end the score was 56 to 59. We lost.

After lunch it was our final game against the Lincoln Lions, who had beaten the Tai Tapu Spinners. Our team was batting first and we got some sixes. We did really well in the first half. In the second half when we were fielding we caught lots of people out. I almost caught the ball one time but it bounced out of my hands. When the game ended we had won by 12 points.

Overall my bowling improved lots and Mrs T was proud of us. We traveled back to school on the bus again and we arrived back at 2.00 pm.

By Fran

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