Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Year 7 Bush Education

On 25th of May, Year 7 went to Craigieburn Forest for their Bush Education Trip “How to survive and thrive in the Bush.”  This trip encouraged Year 7 go out of their comfort zone and it required high perseverance to finish the track. They had a few tasks to complete, including; Leading the group to each junction and climbing to the top of Helicopter Hill.

This was a tiring journey and all year 7’s did not falter at doing this opportunity to climb the hill. There were a lot of stunning sights to see at the peak of the mountains like the other mountains and the trees towering over us. This was an amazing once of a lifetime opportunity, it was totally worth coming along. Thank you to all the teachers and parents for volunteering and we hope everyone enjoyed this opportunity.

( A awesome sight from starting the track.)
( Starting the track.)
(A phenomenal photo on the peak of Helicopter Hill )

( The view from the top of the hill.)

Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners
By Fran
Fidget Spinners are toys that are designed to play with and help you concentrate.They are held between two fingers and spin while you hold them. Fidget Spinners are trending around NZ and children are bringing them to school. Some schools have banned Fidget Spinners. At Lincoln primary school you are allowed Fidget Spinners if you have a note from your parents saying it will help you concentrate.

The cheapest Fidget Spinners cost around $3 and most are made of metal. They are priced depending on how well they spin, the sound they make, the shape and the colour. Some can spin for up to 5 mins. Fidget Spinners make good presents and are fun to play with. Some teachers argue that they are a distraction.  

Children love fidget Spinners a lot more than teachers do.



Sunday, 21 May 2017

Road Portal Refresher Course

On the 16th of May, police officers came to Lincoln Primary to run a Refresher course with the Road Patrollers ( Years 6-8.) James street is a very busy road. Road Patrol makes it safe for people to cross the road.
In the Refresher course, they were reminded about how to use the signs and to let people cross the road safely.

Interview with Constable Rick:

How long did it take for you to train to be a policeman?

I did five months of training in Wellington, there was a lot of learning, eight hours each class.

How many years have you been a police officer?

I have been in the police for Eight years, I love helping everyone.

What made you want to be a police officer?

I always had a vision of the right things and wrong things, and I wanted my job to include to help New Zealand be a better place.

What was it like training?

It was very hard, you have 8 hours of learning during the day and at night 4 hours of studying, it was very intense learning.

(Heidi, Jorja and Constable Rick heading over towards the Road Portal crossing.)

(Harmony, Maxina, Chenaè, getting ready.)

Monday, 15 May 2017

Year ⅚ Bush Ed Trip

By Ella McMillan and Lily Mccondach.

On the 10th and 11th of May, Syndicate 3 went to Spencer Park for their Bush Ed Trip.

The leaders of their trip were teaching them how to survive and thrive in the bush. They learnt how to make stretchers out of tarps and logs and how to make bivvys for shelter.

They did some activities like building sculptures on the beach and orienteering.

Overall these kids had a exciting experience at Spencer Park, where they learnt a lot of usual educational knowledge about surviving and thriving in the Bush.

Here is Team Red carrying the stretcher out of the bush.
Here is Team Red again, building sculptures on the beach.
Here is Team Red talking about Bear Grylls.

Enrichment in term 2

Enrichment in term 2
By Shayna And Francisco

Every Friday Lincoln primary school has enrichment day. Enrichment day is different from the other days because you get to go to the activities of your choice. In term 2, there are now a lot more options than in term 1.These activities range from jump jam to sketching and engineering to knitting.

The enrichment activities run from 10am till 3pm, with activities in 4 time slots throughout the day. For the seniors in term 2 there are 4 competitive winter sports to choose from: rugby, soccer, hockey and netball. From these sport sessions you can go on to compete in zones  for the school. According to the children of Lincoln Primary, friday is the best day of the week!!

Drums Origami
Chinese whispers (base class) x