Monday, 15 May 2017

Enrichment in term 2

Enrichment in term 2
By Shayna And Francisco

Every Friday Lincoln primary school has enrichment day. Enrichment day is different from the other days because you get to go to the activities of your choice. In term 2, there are now a lot more options than in term 1.These activities range from jump jam to sketching and engineering to knitting.

The enrichment activities run from 10am till 3pm, with activities in 4 time slots throughout the day. For the seniors in term 2 there are 4 competitive winter sports to choose from: rugby, soccer, hockey and netball. From these sport sessions you can go on to compete in zones  for the school. According to the children of Lincoln Primary, friday is the best day of the week!!

Drums Origami
Chinese whispers (base class) x

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