Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Year 7 Bush Education

On 25th of May, Year 7 went to Craigieburn Forest for their Bush Education Trip “How to survive and thrive in the Bush.”  This trip encouraged Year 7 go out of their comfort zone and it required high perseverance to finish the track. They had a few tasks to complete, including; Leading the group to each junction and climbing to the top of Helicopter Hill.

This was a tiring journey and all year 7’s did not falter at doing this opportunity to climb the hill. There were a lot of stunning sights to see at the peak of the mountains like the other mountains and the trees towering over us. This was an amazing once of a lifetime opportunity, it was totally worth coming along. Thank you to all the teachers and parents for volunteering and we hope everyone enjoyed this opportunity.

( A awesome sight from starting the track.)
( Starting the track.)
(A phenomenal photo on the peak of Helicopter Hill )

( The view from the top of the hill.)

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