Thursday, 22 June 2017


We are the LPS Energy Detectives. At lunch time we go round the classrooms to check who turns their lights off. We want all the classroom lights to be off at play breaks to save money and energy. Our job is to keep a tally of who has left lights on or off. At each assembly we will be handing out the shield and a certificate to the winning classroom.the first winner is team 3

this is the shield and certificate.

LPS Community Group

At Lincoln Primary School, each Friday a community action group comes together and brainstorms ways that they can help the community and help Lincoln to be a better place. They have already come up with some awesome ideas, including making some compliment cards to give to people in the community and going to the kindergarten.

The compliment cards had lovely messages like ‘Your smile is contagious’, ‘you smell like roses’ and ‘you are a smart cookie’ they had to give them to someone they didn't know to make them feel special.

A couple of weeks ago the community action group visited the kindergarten to read them stories. The kids really loved it, it was a whole lot of fun. The community group is an excellent idea and hopefully it will help to make Lincoln a better place.

We asked some of the community action group about their favourite part of the kindergarten visit. Owen said he loves helping the school and making creations and at the kindergarten. He really enjoyed being around and interacting with all the younger kids. Claudia said her favourite part of the visit was seeing all the little kids because it brought memories back from when she went to kindergarten. The community action teachers think it was a huge success and everyone loved it.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Lincoln Primary’s new office!

After weeks of work we are proud to inform you that Lincoln primary school’s office has been completed. Our awesome new office is now accessible.

At the start of the year the office was temporarily moved to the entrance of the hall and there is now a modern new design. Now you can find it under the year 7-8 building near the resource room where the old information centre was.

The office includes a brand new modern feel including lots of comfy seating, a brand new sick bay and a desk in the main room. There is a small meeting room for visitors coming to the school and an office for Mrs Butcher.

Thank you to Corbel Construction who built our amazing new office we really appreciate it.

By: Mikal and Emma

Friday Hot Chocolates

Every Friday at Lincoln Primary the parents of jump jam students have been making delicious hot chocolates for the school. This is a fundraiser for all of the school’s jump jam teams ranging from years 3-8 to save up enough money to go to Auckland and perform in the national competition.We would like to thank Mrs Schmidli, parents and kids for doing this each Friday. There have been lots of positive comments about the hot chocolates.

~Erina, Holly, Hana enjoying their hot chocolates

The new office

The highly anticipated office renovation is finished and functional. We'd like to say thank you to Corbel Construction who did all the hard work to build this modern area which we very much appreciate it.

The new office is located below the syndicate 4 buildings. It is fully fitted with all necessary utilities for everyone's needs. We can tell that all staff are thoroughly enjoying using the new building. We asked teachers for some feedback this is what they said:

“I feel like it is nice to have a big enough staff room for everyone to fit in” -Mr Newton
“Very functional and inviting it also holds a lot of heat and gives an amazing connection with the school”- Mrs. Langdre
“Very bright and colourful”-Mrs.James
“I like the big glass area to see into the meeting room and the teacher room and also the musical heros with the musical instruments”-Mrs.Thompson

Report bye Emma and Erin