Thursday, 22 June 2017

LPS Community Group

At Lincoln Primary School, each Friday a community action group comes together and brainstorms ways that they can help the community and help Lincoln to be a better place. They have already come up with some awesome ideas, including making some compliment cards to give to people in the community and going to the kindergarten.

The compliment cards had lovely messages like ‘Your smile is contagious’, ‘you smell like roses’ and ‘you are a smart cookie’ they had to give them to someone they didn't know to make them feel special.

A couple of weeks ago the community action group visited the kindergarten to read them stories. The kids really loved it, it was a whole lot of fun. The community group is an excellent idea and hopefully it will help to make Lincoln a better place.

We asked some of the community action group about their favourite part of the kindergarten visit. Owen said he loves helping the school and making creations and at the kindergarten. He really enjoyed being around and interacting with all the younger kids. Claudia said her favourite part of the visit was seeing all the little kids because it brought memories back from when she went to kindergarten. The community action teachers think it was a huge success and everyone loved it.

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