Monday, 11 September 2017

Yarrs Flat Trip

Yarrs Flat Trip
On Tuesday the fifth of September syndicate three my year group went on a trip to Yarrs Flat. The classroom was filled with students that couldn't keep still. At nine thirty we jumped on the bus and zoomed down to Yarrs Flat. As soon as we got there the leaders introduced themselves and the other staff. Matt the leader got us to our first rotation Mr Newton’s group had invertebrate hunt.

Invertebrate hunt was led by Mike. When we arrived he showed us some of the bugs he caught in display trays. After that he showed us a weta, he let students hold and touch it if we were brave enough.We also got to go and hunt for bugs. using his nets one of us found scorpion Mike was probably impressed. We also found woodlice, spiders, slugs and snails

Then we had some morning tea and went on to the next activity. Our group's activity was aquatic discovery. Aquatic discovery was led by Bailey and Stacy. The first thing they showed us was the shuffle test, where you sway your net in the water from side to side then you kick your leg in front of the net after that you bring it out of the water and see what you have caught. We also had to look in trays for different types of creatures like the the blood worm,Cocka bullies and snails.

Then we had planting the main part of going to Yarrs Flat led by Lou. we planted flax, cabbage trees and ribbon wood. We used tools like spades and mallets we also used sheep dags, steaks, plastic covers and fertiliser pallets. First you had to dig a hole to place your plant inside and put the fertilizer pellet in. Then you berry the bottom half of the plant and pop the sheep dags over,  then you put up the plastic cover around the plant so no animal could kill the plant and then you are done ! Did you know that Syndicate three planted 450 trees !

Our last activity was wave barrier building led by Matt, we had to make a wave barrier that will stop the waves coming so on the other side of it there would be no waves and the water weed would grow again. We had to make it out of sticks and string. We made a design with heaps of little squares in the middle so the waves would stop. Then Matt tested out all the designs and lots of them including our teams worked.

                                                 By Ella M

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