Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Kids for kids

Kids For Kids
By Shayna Early

Kids for Kids is a concert for primary school kids  where they can sing with Jackie Clark and Nathan King. Since 1995 World Vision have organized this concert, so the children of NZ can raise their voices for children less fortunate than them.

These kids aren't Taylor Swift and Adele but there is nothing better than hearing kiwi kids coming together for hungry and thirsty children in Africa.

This year there are about 20 performances in total all over the country (for more details go to the bottom  of the page). This is a fun event for all and  and other kids/parents/anyone are able to buy tickets and go along to these amazing concerts.
These kids have been practising for a long time and the singing has been getting better and better.

World Vision is all about helping less fortunate kids in places like Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan and Somalia. World Vision is always looking for donations to make these kids lives better. To donate or to sponsor a child go to the World Vision website below.

Christchurch Concert - 20/9/17 Horncastle Arena Christchurch

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